Best Free WordPress GDPR plugin for web, blog or e-commerce

It will be two years since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation. It was in 2018, on May 25. Since then, websites and blogs have had plenty of time to include the legal notices and explicit consent systems necessary to comply with the law. If you have not done it yet, you should do it as soon as possible. And if you have a new website or blog with WP, you must make it comply with the RGPD now. Installing a WordPress GDPR plugin is essential. But you will also have to have a clear data protection policy page. Learn about the most popular plugins to comply with RGPD, WordPress blog or WP website. And choose the best WordPress GDPR plugin for your website.

What to do to comply with GDPR WordPress.

If you collect any type of data from your visitors or customers, you must comply with the RGPD. This ensures that they accept the use of the data of European users that you need for certain issues. And it assures them the right to be forgotten. If you use cookies on your website or have a contact form that collects personal data (and the name already is), you already have to comply with this regulation.

Complying with the GDPR in WordPress is easier than with other CMS. There is a wide variety of WordPress web plugins to comply with this regulation. The complianz plugin is probably the best WordPress GDPR plugin but it is not the only good one.

But in addition to installing a good GDPR plugin, there are other changes that you must implement so that your website complies with the GDPR. Check that your hosting offers SSL certificate.

Transparency and the right to be forgotten, essential to comply with GDPR WordPress

If you have a database of your users or store any type of data about them, you must state it. Also if third parties do it, for example through certain cookies or in the case of having Google Analytics installed.

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As for the right to be forgotten, the best plugin for WordPress web is WP Delete User Accounts. You can use this or any other system that allows the user to delete their data when they decide to do so.

Your contact forms must comply with the General Regulations for the Protection of Data.

And not just for contact forms. It is essential that you have check boxes expressly accepting the processing of your data. It must be expressed clearly and in a way that is easy to understand what data is stored and for what purpose. Also that you have the right to be forgotten and how you can exercise it if you wish. It must be taken into account that the data travels encrypted and let the user know. And, in addition, you must link to the privacy policy page.

Contact Form 7 and other form plugins have already implemented changes to comply with the GDPR but you must make sure of this and that you have the correct version installed.

Acceptance of the privacy policy in WordPress comments.

Explicit acceptance is necessary and therefore the information must precede the publication of the comment made by the user.

Take steps to make Google Analytics GDPR compliant.

It is currently ready to comply with the RGPD and has extensions and plugins to comply with it. Check that you have them installed or install them.

Other measures to take in addition to including the best WordPress GDPR plugin:

  • Includes SSL certificate.
  • Inform about the cookies your website uses on a specific page.
  • Comply with basic security measures.
  • It includes the legal texts that are required by law to comply with the GDPR in WordPress.

Which is the best WordPress GDPR plugin, 6 good choices.

1. Complianz plugin, probably the best WordPress GDPR plugin.

The Complianz plugin is the most popular cookie consent plugin. It allows for step-by-step configuration and has a guided installer to make the task easier. Helps to comply with the GDPR in a simple way. For it to work properly, you must complete three steps:

  • Install it on your WP website.
  • Activate it.
  • Configure it in the installer that will automatically exit when you take the previous step.
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2. WP GDPR Compliance, the most popular WordPress GDPR plugin.

It is complete, it is free and it is a very easy way to comply with the RGPD WordPress blog or WordPress website. For many it is the best WordPress GDPR plugin. It is certainly the most popular. The reasons? Among others, it allows you to add consent options manually. And it is compatible with other very popular plugins. Among them:

  • Contact Form 7 in its most current version.
  • Gravity Forms.
  • WooCommerce, widely used for creating online stores.
  • WordPress comments

It also allows access to functionalities among which the following stand out:

  • Timestamp of the information record.
  • Link to the privacy policy page.
  • Page that allows the user to request more information about the personal data collected and its use.
  • Explicit acceptance box of conformity.

For all this and its easy installation, it is the WordPress RGPD plugin most used as a solution to comply with this regulation. And also for this reason for many users it is the best WordPress GDPR plugin.

3. Delete Me, the plugin that allows your users to exercise the right to forget their data on your website

It is undoubtedly the best WordPress GDPR plugin to comply with a specific issue of this regulation: the right to be forgotten. Its installation is very simple. It is especially suitable for websites that require visitors to register or subscribe, but it also allows them to delete their comments on blog articles, among other functionalities.

Its use is not incompatible with other plugins such as WP GDPR Compliance, as they are compatible. And both contribute to compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

4. Ultimate GDPR Compliance Toolkit for WordPress, the best WordPress GDPR plugin of payment

If you don’t mind loosening your wallet a bit, this plugin is very complete and will save you a lot of time. Its cost is low and it offers you a large amount of information to start complying with the RGPD.

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It is also compatible with other form plugins that collect data, and allows you to know at all times whether or not these already comply with current European legislation on data protection. Among them WooCommerce and Contact Form 7, which are the most popular and used.

5. GDPR, free plugin for your website to comply with the RGPD

It is also a good option since it allows you to manage different tasks to comply with the RGPD and it is free. The plugin itself makes it easier for you to comply with different aspects of this law. How? Among other issues, it allows adding cookie consent and enabling the option to delete personal information stored about the user.

6. WP GDPR Compliance Suite WordPress, the best WordPress GDPR plugin for sites international

This is a payment plugin that includes very interesting options for an international corporate website, an ecommerce with shipments to different countries in Europe and other types of websites. Among them, the translation into 20 languages ​​of issues such as the consent of cookies or the request to delete personal information.

In addition, it is compatible with the most popular plugins, such as Google Analytics, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce, among others.

Complying with the GDPR is not an option, but an obligation. Failure to do so is penalized with very high fines. Choose the best WordPress RGPD plugin to install on your website and take the necessary measures so that your website complies with the RGPD. Ask us if everything is complicated and you do not want to risk suffering a millionaire fine. In 10 Atmospheres Estudio we are specialists in WordPress web design, maintenance and digital marketing and we will take care of it for you if you wish.