Ways to make money programming

Do you want to learn programming or are you already learning? Then you should know about how to earn by programming. Programming is one of the most in-demand skills today, due to which there are numerous opportunities to earn through programming. In this post you will know how a programmer can earn by programming.

Challenges and Contests

Whether you are experienced or new to the world of coding and programming, you can participate in various challenges and contests. These challenges and contests have a chance to measure your skills as well as earn big bucks.

There are many coding challenge websites on the internet today that offer money as rewards for winning coding challenges or solving specific problems. Apart from earning from these competitions, your ability to think quickly increases and your skills are tested in the real world.

E-book sales

If you are proficient in a particular programming language, you can compile your experience into an e-book and sell it for others to learn. New and old, programmers of all types need such books for different needs. So creating such an e-book can be a very smart thing to do. Since you are selling a digital product, of course your buyers are internet users. That’s why good quality marketing can be done properly on social media. You can even sell e-books on websites like Amazon.


Freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiver have numerous types of freelancing jobs related to programming. Regular income jobs are also available on freelancing platforms. Local programming jobs are currently available, but it may be easier to find work virtually. First of all, you can get a job through networking on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn. Again you can get work by creating gigs on dedicated freelancing platforms.

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Teaching others

If you have learned coding, you might know that learning coding or programming is not an easy task. So many people who want to learn programming want to learn from other programmers, and if you are an experienced programmer, teaching others can be a source of income.

Anyone can create a free account on Udemy’s platform and earn by teaching, creating courses and selling them. If you want, it is possible to increase your income by teaching others on a platform like YouTube.

The advantage of teaching others is that in the process of teaching you have to face many challenges and learn a lot through it. Besides, by teaching others, one can build a brand by expanding one’s identity. Many times it will be seen that you can get work from your audience. Overall teaching programming to others can have many benefits.

Apps are ready

Building enterprise apps and APIs is time consuming but can be a great source of passive income in the long run. But it is good to remember that any apps or API should be such that it solves a problem. While many APIs are free, some APIs require payment to use. And a programmer can earn from such tools.

It is foolish to think that a tool can be monetized immediately after its launch. So initially you can start with free trial, where customers will buy if they like the service. Your job as a developer is to create important tools, and if your work is relevant enough, it will automatically generate revenue through various enterprise channels.

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If writing is your hobby along with programming, then blogging can be a way to earn income indirectly through programming. There are many ways to showcase your programming journey through writing. If you want, you can write a blog about the story of making a tool. You can also help others become proficient in programming through tutorials.

Note that blog monetization is somewhat time-consuming, so if you want to earn as a programmer, you can follow this path along with other ways. Blogging can help you earn money by writing about your experiences as well as networking with other programmers online.

Create open-source tools
Although anyone can view the source code of open-source software, open-source tools can also be monetized in certain ways.

First you can keep your tool free for personal use and charge for commercial use. Again, keeping the basic features free, you can keep subscription charges for additional features. Again, technical support and plugin support may be charged separately. This allows users to use these tools for free and your income potential is also open. Besides, if you create open-source tools for work, then you can earn as a programmer from sources like funding.

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